Gran Canaria island is not only the windiest of the Canary Islands but, we are fortunate to enjoy exceptional conditions for sailing all year round! And, Pozo Izquierdo, the best spot in the Canaries. One of the best destinations for windsurfing professionals worldwide. The best riders of the moment left Pozo train in leveraging its radical conditions of wind and waves.

Nostros leverages these conditions and offers various courses tailored to your needs windsurfing, both in private lessons or in small groups.

  • Initiation, learn to surf, ride the rig, beach start, tacking, jibing, safety at sea ...
  • Improvement (video class). Improve your position at sea, water start, jibe, the tack, the jump ...
  • Jumping (video class). Learn to foward loop, back loop, loop push ...
 Class  Time  Price
 Initiation  10 hours  140€
 Individual  2 hours  35€
 With video Video  1 hour  45€
 Clinic 3 days  2.30 hours per day  120€

 Class  Time  Price
 Bono 2 hours  2 hours  70€
 Individual classes  2 hours  90€
 Bono 5 hours  5 hours  195€
 Bono 10 hours  10 hours  360€

Classes will be held throughout the year, every day of the week and always depending on the weather conditions permit.

The schedule may be morning or afternoon depending on the availability of student and teacher. You will be provided in advance.


Windsurfing is a sport based on technic and feeling, in which it is easy to get bad habits or perceptional errors that inhibits the progress. With our experience and personal attention at the hands our monitor, offers improvement sessions, while never stop to learn, whatever your level.

We make video lessons, clinincs, tranining camps, with whom besides to learn and improve your sailing, you get fun, the most important thing.

All sessions are recorded with high definition cameras, allowing you to see what have been, your skills and your errors, combined with a feetback gives you allows you to clean the errors and keep improving.